The Next Pizza Trend: Pre-Ordering

October 31, 2023

The Next Pizza Trend: Pre-Ordering

Over the past decade, the pizza industry has witnessed several shifts and trends, and one emerging concept that experts believe will revolutionize pizzeria operations is pre-ordering. Pre-ordering, also known as advanced ordering, allows customers to plan ahead and place their pizza orders through online platforms or specific pre-ordering apps. This convenience-driven approach is expected to become one of the next big pizza trends, with early adopters gaining a competitive edge and capturing customers who value the flexibility and ease of pre-ordering.


Understanding pizza pre-ordering

At its core, pizza pre-ordering empowers customers to order from a pizzeria's menu in advance, whether it's for same-day delivery or pick-up or even for future dates. The process can be managed through a dedicated pre-ordering platform that seamlessly integrates with the pizzeria's online ordering system, point-of-sale (POS) system, and third-party delivery apps. By providing this option, pizzerias can cater to different customer preferences, including families seeking a regular pizza night routine or adventurous foodies eager to try the latest specialty pizzas from new establishments.


The benefits for customers and pizzerias

The primary reason customers prefer pre-ordering is the convenience it offers. Pizza Friday nights or special events can be planned, ensuring a smooth ordering process and reducing the wait time. Pre-ordering helps pizzerias in several ways:


Enhanced sales projections

One of the most significant benefits of pre-ordering for pizzerias is the ability to make accurate sales projections. With access to data on pre-orders, pizzeria owners can gain valuable insights into customer preferences and ordering patterns. This knowledge allows them to anticipate spikes in demand during specific hours, days, or events, ensuring they are adequately prepared to meet customers' needs. Armed with this foresight, pizzerias can optimize their inventory, manage staff scheduling, and avoid being caught off guard during busy periods.


Guaranteed sales and reduced no-shows

Customers who choose to pre-order commit to their purchase by paying in advance. This prepayment guarantees revenue for the pizzeria, even if some customers fail to show up for their orders. By minimizing no-shows, pizzerias can avoid potential losses and efficiently manage their resources. Additionally, pre-ordering fosters a sense of accountability among customers, reducing the likelihood of last-minute cancellations or changes to orders.


Seamless special events and promotions

Pre-ordering plays a crucial role in executing successful special events and promotions. Whether it's a grand opening, holiday special, or limited-time offer, pizzerias can manage the influx of orders more effectively through pre-ordering. By encouraging customers to pre-order for such events, pizzerias can anticipate demand, allocate resources accordingly, and ensure a smooth and delightful dining experience for all.


Minimized food waste

Food waste is a concern for any food establishment, including pizzerias. Pre-ordering provides an effective solution to minimize food waste by enabling pizzerias to precisely predict their ingredient requirements. As customers place orders in advance, pizzerias can prepare the exact quantities needed, reducing the likelihood of surplus inventory and unsold pizzas. This not only benefits the pizzeria's bottom line but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing food wastage.


Competitive advantage over third-party delivery

In an increasingly competitive market, pizzerias must find ways to differentiate themselves from third-party delivery services. Pre-ordering offers a unique advantage in this regard. By allowing customers to schedule predetermined pickup or delivery times, pizzerias can offer a level of convenience that third-party platforms may struggle to replicate. This convenience factor can sway customers in favor of the pizzeria's own ordering platform, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.


Data-driven decision making

With pre-ordering, pizzerias can access valuable data on customer preferences, ordering habits, and popular menu items. This data-driven approach empowers pizzeria owners to make informed decisions when planning promotions, optimizing their menu, and introducing new offerings. By understanding their customers better, pizzerias can tailor their offerings to meet specific demands and ensure a more personalized and delightful experience for each customer.


Capitalizing on the rising demand for delivery and takeout

Pre-ordering aligns perfectly with the current dining habits of consumers. A recent survey by US Foods found that Americans still prefer delivery or takeout over dining in at restaurants. The convenience factor remains a top priority, with 74% of respondents choosing to dine out to avoid cooking, 51% finding takeout more convenient, and 44% doing it for socialization. In the post-pandemic era, people are continuing to order food for delivery or takeout 4.5 times a month on average, compared to dining out only three times a month.


Embrace the pre-ordering revolution

With the increasing demand for delivery and takeout, pizzerias must capitalize on this trend by incorporating pre-ordering into their available services. But to keep up with the demand for delivery, you need to invest in optimizing your operations. High-quality pizza delivery bags, such as those offered by Incredible Bags, can help pizzerias keep up with the growing orders and ensure that their pizzas arrive hot and fresh at customers' doors. Pre-ordering is not just a fleeting trend; it's a strategic move that can shape the future success of pizzerias in the evolving food industry. Implement pre-ordering to stay ahead of the game!