Catering Delivery Bags

We carry 7 Models of commercial grade superior quality Catering Bags.  We have listened to our customer’s needs and developed bags to help you deliver the best quality food.  We start with the best materials available and build the bags with strict specifications and unique designs. One very important feature is the interior material we use on our catering line of bags.  We use a silver material that reflects the heat or cold back into the bag.  We carry a couple different designs of these catering bags.  One is a top and side loading Full pan & Half pan model.  We also carry 3 sizes of top loading Full pan bags with a removable leak proof liner.  The liner enables the customer to keep their bag clean and doesn't allow liquids to go into the insulation.  In addition, we make 2 side loading Full pan bags which are used for smaller occasions.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! 


    Removeable Liner

    Side Loading