We carry a complete line of accessories for our insulated delivery bags, including two sizes of heating elements to keep your food warm (165 degrees) on the road or away from you kitchen.  We recommend using our HTELM13S heating element with our regular sized pizza bags or small hot/cold bags, and the HTELM21S heating element with our medium and larger food and pizza delivery bags.  Our heating elements plug into your power supply in your vehicle or you can get a converter for use indoors. 

We have order dividers that fit in our food bags as noted in the bag descriptions.  Our pan dividers are useful in helping stabilize and divide the pans inside your bag.  Our padded shoulder straps, available for many of the restaurant delivery bags, can make delivering food more comfortable.  Finally, you can place our stabilizer on your car seat to help keep your food level during delivery.  Customer satisfaction guaranteed!