Large Heating Element for Delivery Bags – 72 Watts

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Silicon Bag Heater, 12V DC, Max Temp 160o Fahrenheit/71o Celsius internally regulated, w/Detachable power port cord. Draws 72 watts at 6 amps. Helps keep your food at warmer at delivery!

  • HTELM21S
  • Plugs into the lighter or power supply in your vehicle
  • Dimensions - 21"L x 13"W x .25"H
  • Temperature Output - Up to 160o Fahrenheit/71o Celsius Internally Regulated
  • Power Input - 12V-14.5V DC, 6.0A Draw
  • Fused - NA/Unfused
  • Power Input Connections - 1 Power Port Male Connection
  • Input Power Cord Length - 6' Ft/2m Detachable
  • This heating element works well with Large Pizza Bags, Restaurant Delivery Bags and Catering Bags

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