5 Reasons Pizza Crust Liners Improve Pizza Delivery

March 29, 2021

5 Reasons Pizza Crust Liners Improve Pizza Delivery - Incredible Bags

We’ve all had a bad pizza delivery experience before. The box is slippery from all the grease, the pizza itself is soggy and it’s difficult to even pull a piece away without losing all your toppings. It’s enough to make you want to throw the entire thing in the garbage. 

Thankfully, today’s smart innovations make these occurrences few and far between. Pizza crust liners especially make sure the delivery experience is a good one—from the box, to the pizza, to every bite you take.

How can something as simple as a piece of parchment-style paper help perfect the pizza delivery experience? Take a look at five ways crust liners work to keep your pizza perfect, from the oven to your dinner table.

1. Reduced FOG Saturation

FOG stands for fats, oils and greases. While these are all admittedly delicious ingredients in a hot, fresh pizza, too much of them can turn it into a soggy mess—with plenty of indigestion to follow. Nobody wants to eat a pizza that’s literally dripping with FOG materials. Not only will it ruin your eating experience, it’ll ruin the box too.

A crust liner placed at the bottom of the pizza box does two things to combat FOG. First, it creates a barrier between pizza drippings and the box, preventing saturation that can cause instability. Second, it absorbs all of the excess FOG from pizza to leave you with a pie that’s delicious—not oversaturated or soggy.

2. Avoiding Soggy Pizza Boxes

Between the heat from a fresh-baked pizza and the FOG dripping off of it, a cardboard pizza box can quickly become flimsy in transit. The last thing you want when the delivery guy pulls the box out of the pizza delivery bag is cardboard that’s sagging in the middle, in danger of breaking through the bottom!

Not only is a soggy pizza box a bummer to handle, it’s also a mess in and of itself. It’ll leave a grease spot on the kitchen table—not to mention the grease that’ll get on your hands when you lift the box to throw it in the garbage. A simple oleophobic layer between the pizza and the box can prevent all of these issues, giving the pizza box structural integrity and avoiding the mess that comes with grease.

3. Heat Barrier

Aside from being an oleophobic layer that prevents grease transference, a crust liner can also safeguard against heat and moisture. When a pizza goes from oven to bare box, the box becomes home to all the radiant heat and steam coming off of the still-baking cheese. That steam circulates from the top of the box back downward, where it loses its heat and leaves behind moisture. This can cause box instability.

A crust liner not only keeps heat from escaping through the bottom of the box, it also continues that convective process so the pizza cools more evenly—or maintains its heat more evenly inside of a pizza delivery bag.

4. Improved Crust Texture

Between the FOG mitigation and the heat barrier a pizza box liner offers, eager pizza eaters can expect a major improvement to the crust of their pizza. Instead of a soggy, saturated crust, a crust liner creates one that’s crisp and flaky—one that offers structural integrity to the rest of the pie. Instead of a pizza that’s sitting in its own drippings, you get a pizza that’s more rigid, with a crust that’s got texture.

Pizza crust liners are especially important for thin-crust pizza. Thin crust pizza is well-known for its crunchy crust and texture—part of its signature appeal. If fats, oils and greases get to it, you’re going to end up with soggy, flimsy slices that just don’t have the same great taste you expect from a thin-crust pie.

5. Improve Box Recyclability

While it has less to do with the taste of your pizza and more to do with environmental sustainability, crust liners make it possible to recycle your pizza box. Without them, your pizza box is destined for the garbage. Putting it in the recycling pile when it’s chock-full of pizza grease is a big no-no. The reason? Carboard goes through a pulping process when it’s recycled, and grease—even a small amount—with cause major problems during the pulping process.

A simple crust liner goes a long way in mitigating the grease that comes into contact with the pizza box. Often, throwing the liner in the trash leaves you with a perfectly recyclable pizza box! It’s a great way to protect the environment.

The Perfect Pizza Delivery Experience

By keeping the fats, oils and greases in-check during the delivery process and controlling the temperature of the pizza’s crust, crust liners drastically improve the pizza delivery experience. Instead of a greasy, dripping, slippery pie in a box that’s falling apart, crust liners keep things dry, crisp and crunchy.

Everyone knows the secret to a great pizza is the crust. From the crust to everything piled on top of it, a simple pizza box liner is all it takes to keep pizza fresh and delicious through the d