Pizza Expo Podcast Episode 9- Dylan with Ring Central

September 27, 2021

Pizza Expo Podcast Episode 9- Dylan with Ring Central

[00:00:00.000] - Rev and Eric

We are back with another exciting episode of Who's at Pizza Expo. We're in the Marqii booth. We're with Dylan. Dylan what's you last, Dylan Riley with Ring Central. I know Mike Bausch talks about you like your Rudy, like he wants to carry you around and have a parade for you. I'm still not even sure what the cloud even means. What is Ring Central? Because Mike just gushes about you.


[00:00:23.280] - Dylan

Great. As he should.


[00:00:24.720] - Rev and Eric

Well he should.


[00:00:25.530] - Dylan

Yeah. So Ring Central is a cloud based phone system. The market leader. We work with companies big and small. So we essentially give Mike all the tools he needs to run his business and be successful. Taking phone calls, not having a limit on the calls they can take. Making your own auto attendants, reporting, texting, video conferencing. If you're business, whatever you need to communicate, we got it.


[00:00:52.320] - Rev and Eric

Wait, people use phones?


[00:00:52.570] - Dylan

Right! Most people just prefer to text.


[00:00:55.330] - Rev and Eric

I thought in the restaurant business, we were afraid of phones


[00:00:57.190] - Rev and Eric

Right? Well, you came around because COVID hit and their phones were blowing up.


[00:01:02.110] - Dylan



[00:01:03.060] - Rev and Eric

You were a lifeline, right? You were a lifeline that all of a sudden now we don't have four phone lines, we have the access to, like, 95 phone lines, right?


[00:01:12.690] - Dylan

More than that. They're part of the Ring Central cloud, and they have access to millions of phone lines.


[00:01:18.220] - Rev and Eric



[00:01:18.430] - Dylan

If they needed them.


[00:01:19.470] - Rev and Eric

Show off.


[00:01:21.250] - Rev and Eric

So this is your first Pizza Expo?


[00:01:22.900] - Dylan



[00:01:23.200] - Rev and Eric

What are you thoughts so far?


[00:01:24.420] - Dylan

I love pizza. I love eating all the free pizza around. And it's in Vegas. So, uh, win-win-win.


[00:01:31.930] - Rev and Eric

I just wish it wasn't in August.


[00:01:32.890] - Dylan

Yeah, maybe October, November are better timing but its still been a lot of fun.


[00:01:40.150] - Rev and Eric

Is Ring Central, is it a monthly based service or a year long contract? Or are you guys doing any special offers for Pizza Expo people? What are you doing?


[00:01:48.820] - Dylan

Yeah, it's up to the customer. There are some discounts. If they wanted to pay monthly or annually. We do have a really cool phone if anybody wants to come by booth 350. We have a Yealink phone. We're doing half off, its indestructible pretty much. Throw it on the ground, drop it in water, drop it in beer, it still works. And we're doing some free months of service to help customers, you know move on over.


[00:02:11.280] - Rev and Eric

Awesome, awesome. I know you're really involved with the World Pizza Champions, which is cool. Great group of guys and gals and a lot of fun. They're the best of the best in this industry. And so I know if they're involved with you, we know this is a good product, so it's exciting. We're going out for dinner tonight?


[00:02:29.760] - Dylan



[00:02:30.910] - Rev and Eric

Right, gonna have a good time, hang out. And where can people get a hold of you? What's? Email? Phone number? What's the best way to get a hold of you?


[00:02:36.670] - Dylan

Email, phone, call, text. My number is 650-837-0080. That's my Ring Central line. You can call me on it. You can text me. You can fax me. Whatever works for you.


[00:02:49.570] - Rev and Eric

What about MySpace are you on MySpace still?


[00:02:52.240] - Dylan

Um, you know I was until I kicked you out of my top 8.


[00:02:55.780] - Rev and Eric

No, I thought I was one of your top friends? Me and Tom.


[00:02:58.190] - Dylan

No, I'm sorry man.


[00:02:59.265] - Rev and Eric

What happened?


[00:02:59.940] - Dylan

I don't know, you know, it just happened.


[00:03:04.840] - Rev and Eric

This interview is over.


[00:03:04.840] - Rev and Eric

Anyway, thank you for being here today. Ring Central, check this stuff out. It's awesome. If Mike Bausch likes it, it's got to work, so. So anyway, thank you. We'll see tonight. Okay.


[00:03:14.850] - Dylan

Okay cool, see you guys.


[00:03:15.320] - Rev and Eric